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PACE High School


Social Media Post References Bomb Threat at the Middle School

Earlier this evening (12/16/21) the District learned about a bomb threat in a social media post referencing Wapato Middle School.  The post mentions tomorrow (12/17/21). The District immediately contacted law enforcement who did a thorough search of the building this evening.  Law enforcement has not found anything to substantiate the threat.  It may be connected to an anonymous social media post showing up around the nation proclaiming a day of violence tomorrow targeting schools.  The building will be manned with security personnel throughout the night. 
At this time all schools in the District will be open and on-time in the morning however, extra security will be in place and out of an abundance of caution the Middle School will start the school day in a modified lockdown. 
We appreciate your understanding as we work through this issue to keep students and staff safe.