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PACE High School


Principal's Message

Welcome to PACE High School 

Our school is focused on student learning, and providing students with every opportunity to reach the goal of graduation.  We are committed at PACE to doing all we can to support students in achieving this goal.  Teachers and all staff members are dedicated to providing you the opportunities and experiences that will contribute to this important life accomplishment.  To realistically attain the goal of earning a high school diploma and having options that will support higher education opportunities, or choices that will enable you to pursue your work force interests you must commit to the following: 

  • Being on time to school and having consistent attendance
  • Giving your best effort and working hard
  • Making personal choices at school that are safe and respectful


If you commit to the previous expectations you will have a positive and successful high school experience at PACE!  Once again, myself and the entire staff at PACE High School are committed to assisting you if struggles or obstacles arise in your journey to graduation. 

The teachers, staff members, and myself are looking forward building positive relationships that will support student engagement and academic success.  

Welcome to the PACE Family! 

Paul J. Zagelow

Principal, PACE High School