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PACE High School


Student Attendance Matters

We want to thank our families for helping get the school year off to a smooth start.  We look forward to partnering with you throughout this year in an effort to ensure your student succeeds academically.  A fundamental aspect of student success is attendance at school. Our District's "EVERY School Day Counts" initiative highlights the crucial role attendance plays in shaping academic achievements

Imagine a puzzle with missing pieces – it's incomplete and can't form a clear picture. Similarly, each school day is a vital piece of your child's educational journey. When a student misses school, they miss out on essential classroom interactions, discussions, and valuable lessons. These missed experiences can create gaps in understanding that may be challenging to bridge later on. Research consistently shows that regular attendance is closely linked to higher academic achievement

Our District's commitment to "EVERY School Day Counts" underscores the significance of each day spent in the classroom. We're not just talking about physical presence; we're talking about active engagement, inquisitive minds, and a spirit of exploration. When students are present, they contribute to the dynamic tapestry of our school community, enriching the collective learning experience.

Families, you are integral to this equation! When you partner with us to prioritize attendance, you're sending a powerful message to your child about the value of education. Your encouragement and support help establish a routine that sets them up for success. Your involvement shows them that their education is a shared journey, with the school and home working hand in hand.

Let's all remember that "EVERY School Day Counts." Every day your student walks through our school doors, they're investing in their own growth and future success in a global economy. Every day they engage with their classmates and teachers, they're contributing to a thriving community of learners.