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PACE High School


Rattlesnake Ridge Landslide Could Impact School Day

As most of you are aware, State and local authorities say a landslide involving part of Rattlesnake Ridge at the Union Gap is imminent. Experts are predicting the slide will occur anytime between now and sometime in March. What they do not know is what the magnitude of the event will be when it does eventually happen. Depending on its size and exact location it could impact travel for staff that commute to and from areas North of the Gap. As a result it could also impact the school day. The District is monitoring the situation daily and is ready to respond. If there is a need to communicate a school day delay or closure due to this event the District will use the same resources for informing families and and as it does during weather related delays/closures. Those include posting information to the District website posting information to the Districts Twitter account @WapatoSD, sending out a robocall, and alerting the local media.