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PACE High School


Dinner & State Testing Family Night Helps Students With Test Taking Skills

Families who attended the Dinner & State Testing Family Information Night are now better equipped to help their students prepare for those big tests.  Following a fantastic lasagna dinner, prepared by Chef John and his team, administrators worked with families on enhancing critical thinking skills.  Based on data from the first Benchmark Assessment administered to students earlier this year, the District knows the types of questions our students struggle with the most to answer.  They are questions that have two part answers or questions needing multiple answers.  Families were shown examples of those questions and then learned strategies for working through the questions to come up with the correct answers.  Those strategies include reading the question to determine what it is asking you to do or find.  Re-reading the question or passage for key details that help you understand how to answer the question or solve the problem. Eliminate obvious incorrect answers and then chose the best answer to the question.  Families had a chance to apply these tips by working together through a sample reading/writing question and a math problem.  Families were encouraged to practice these strategies at home in hopes of better preparing their students for their test taking.